Tokiori – Creases of Time

The biggest wave of Japanese immigration to Brazil took place between 1927 and 1934. In the neighborhood of Graminha, in western São Paulo, is where the lives of six immigrant families from this time period crossed paths. The exploiting of the virgin forest was done by Japanese, Italian and Spanish immigrants who employed Paulistas (residents of São Paulo), Mineiros (residents of Minas Gerais) and Northerners on their lands, and Graminha became a meeting place for people, cultures and times. Following the daily lives of four generations of these families in Brazil and Japan, “Tokiori”, tries to make their hybrid identities built through time visible. Native land and foreign land get mixed up in this story marked by comings and goings between the two countries.

  • Crew  

    • Direction: Paulo Pastorelo
    • Production: Joana Mariani and Matias Mariani
    • Associate Production: Masa Sawada and Yudi Sadai
    • Executive Production: Luis Dreyfuss
    • Cinematography: Alexandre Samori
    • Editing: Paulo Pastorelo and Noriko Oda
    • Original Sound: Ivan Vilela
    • Sound Design: Cláudio Avino and Carlos Paes
    • Color Correction: Marcio Pasqualino
    • Direct Sound: Juliano Zoppi
  • Pics