Beauty Shop Talk

(Português) Promo final da série

Among mirrors, jets of water, nail polish, blow driers and hair dye, the show includes pieces on the female universe that take place through casual encounters between characters that are patrons of the beauty shop. Each episode talks about a subject to which all of the women can relate: love, tragedy, other people’s lives, desire (or the lack thereof), destiny, expectation, success, secrets, vanity, aging, family, sexuality and betrayal.

  • Crew  

    • Directed by: Maira Bühler
    • Original Idea: Maíra Bühler
    • Development: Maíra Bühler e Cao Hamburger
    • Producted by: Matias Mariani, Cao Hamburger, Paula Pinto e Silva e Joana Mariani
    • Associated Procuction: Caos conteúdo & Pletora
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